Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation

is committed to inspiring philanthropy and community service by creating awareness, offering guidance, and leading by example to show the world what giving can do.

Children’s Health

The Cohen Foundation has made landmark gifts to several hospitals and organizations in the tri-state area. The Foundation’s involvement and support has helped create state-of-the-art facilities for children and provide increased access to the highest quality medical care for the community at large.


The Cohen Foundation has a longstanding commitment to educational reforms, particularly through the charter school movement. The Foundation has donated significant funds to endow full scholarships and financial aid at leading universities.


The Cohens are deeply committed to supporting military veterans and their families. They believe that we all have an obligation to give back to those who served and protected the United States.


The Cohens believe that the arts can and should enrich all people’s lives.  With that conviction, the Foundation supports art education programs and has made art available to the public through private donations of artworks and underwriting of exhibitions.


The Cohen Foundation is committed to its local community, particularly the Connecticut and greater tri-state areas. The Foundation gives to a wide range of organizations within the local community, including those that offer services for families in need, first responders and other public service organizations.

Lyme Disease

To date, the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation has committed over $50 million for more than 20 Lyme disease projects. Over the next five years, the Foundation will support and track the progress of these grants while selectively seeking out new investment opportunities to combat this complex illness.