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“Inspired Giving” was ingrained in Alex Cohen as a child. Growing up in Washington Heights, she saw her mother care for an entire community by babysitting neighbors’ children, organizing rummage sales for their local church, and throwing baby showers for young, single women. Alex quickly learned that kindness wasn’t a choice. It was a responsibility.

As the years went on, Alex took this responsibility to heart, no matter how difficult her own life circumstances. Whenever she felt vulnerable—working as a single mom, giving birth to premature twins, or being diagnosed with Lyme disease—she thought of helping others and that became a source of strength and solace. Going through hard times first-hand made Alex want to go above and beyond so others wouldn’t have to suffer.

Today, that mission has grown. Every cause Alex and her husband Steve support has a personal connection to their lived experiences and that alone inspires their giving.

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