Loving the GIVE in 2015

By Alex Cohen

As I reflect on 2014, there are a few things that had quite an impact on my life.

The first one was sending my twins off to college across the country, leaving us with only one child left at home, making Steven and me realize that soon it would be just the two of us; we never imagined this day would come.

To top off that revelation, I turned 50, and while I thought it was just another birthday, I was shocked to find out what that actually meant to me and for all those around me. Over 50 years, I have been through a lot. I became a single mother at 21. I managed to get a good job and turn it into a great career. Before that, I experienced what it was like to be alone, scared and in need of the kindness and charity of others. Their kind words and deeds got me through some very trying times at a very young age, and I am forever grateful to all of them.

I then met and married my best friend who adopted my son and raised him as his own and we went on to have 4 amazing daughters. While our everyday life has been full of twists and turns and a few roller coaster moments, our loving family remains happily united and committed to each other.

What does 50 mean to me? It means it’s time for me to focus even more of my time and energy on giving back, to give our Foundation my full attention, and bring to light all those organizations making a difference in the lives of others.

Giving comes in all shapes and sizes and we hope to present you with many ideas throughout 2015.

On Thanksgiving, we announced Loving the GIVE – a personal commitment to giving back every single day, in some way large or small. I hope you will join us in renewing our commitment to Loving the GIVE as we enter 2015.

Happy, healthy and joy filled 2015 to you all!