Have a Heart – Ideas for Giving Love on Valentine’s Day

By Alex Cohen

Let’s Make This Day a Loving and Giving One…

Valentine’s Day means different things to different people – some people have a significant other and spend the day celebrating their love, some burn all memories they have of past loves to try and move on. Some get depressed because they have no one to share the day with and some just let the day pass without a second thought.

Two of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories capture the spirit of giving and receiving love…

Valentine’s Day 1991:
My boyfriend (now my husband) and a group of his friends went skiing for President’s Day weekend. Never having skied, I took a lesson then later fell and tore up my knee pretty badly. I was in a lot of pain. I was told I needed surgery right away, but I decided to give of myself by staying the next two days. I didn’t want to ruin the trip for anyone. He told me what a trooper I was and gave me such great care – this experience solidified our relationship. Almost 25 years later, my knee still hurts at times, but I don’t regret staying as I ended up having a blast and falling in love with my guy all over again.

Valentine’s Day 1996:
Five years later, I gave life to my beautiful identical twin daughters; it was months later that I realized they were born on February 14 (I was a little too busy with the two of them to realize much of anything). Every year since then we have spent this day of love with our girls seeing how they have grown and matured to the amazing young ladies they are today, giving us pride and joy.

The HEART – we physically cannot live without it, and emotionally we all need what it represents, LOVE. The heart is a universal symbol, recognized by all, but how many of us use it to its full potential on a daily basis? Loving the GIVE is all about using our HEART!

Valentine’s Day 2015 – Ideas for Giving Love:
Here are some ideas to take Valentine’s Day to a new level…

• Reach out to someone who may be sad about being alone on this day
• Call someone who has lost a spouse and tell them you are thinking of them
• Visit a nursing home and bring flowers and sweets – they have seen their share of loss
• Babysit for a family with young kids who do not have a sitter that day
• Buy extra roses and give them to colleagues that have gone out of their way to help you at any point
• Send over champagne for a young couple in love at a restaurant
• If you’re single go out with your single friends out and celebrate your friendship
• Go old school! Buy Valentine’s Day cards and leave them around the office with a piece of candy – without signing the card!
• Get Valentine’s gifts for your kids… They are part of your love story.

Whatever act of kindness you choose, remember that the heart is a muscle and needs to be exercised regularly – so get it into shape on this the day of the HEART!

Happy Valentine’s Day!