A Random Act of Kindness to Save a Life

By Gods Love We Deliver

From paying for a stranger’s drink at your local coffee shop, to shoveling a neighbor’s sidewalk when it snows, seemingly small acts of kindness can have unbelievably positive ripple effect. But today, I want to highlight an act of kindness that truly embodies selfless giving. This random act of kindness required hospitals, surgery, and the knowledge that all their effort may be fruitless.

This is what happened when my friend, Anna, was tested to see if she was a kidney transplant match for their friend Marco. Sadly, Anna wasn’t a match. After seeing all the doctor’s visits and tests Marco was enduring, Anna decided to become an altruistic kidney donor to a stranger in need.

Thanks to Anna’s generosity, someone they’ve never even met is alive, healthy, and able to spend more time with their loved ones. As an organization that works with individuals living with life-altering illness, we can’t imagine a greater gift!

– Ileana Cerpa, GLWD Communications Associate




God’s Love We Deliver cooks and home-delivers nutritious, medically tailored meals for people too sick to shop or cook for themselves. To support the health of our clients, we also provide ongoing nutrition assessment, education, and counseling. God’s Love is a non-sectarian organization serving people in need and their children and caregivers. All of our services are provided free to clients and full of love.